MB Tom Yam Chicken
28 October 2021 – 12 December 2021

Welcome aboard the next Around the World journey with Malaysia’s largest home grown Halal fast-food chain, Marrybrown! Known to be one of the most-loved destinations among Malaysians thanks to its welcoming culture and mouth-watering meals, Marrybrown brings that sense of familiarity in their latest spicy, sour and YAM-my menu, Marrybrown Tom Yam Chicken. This limited-time flavour introduced in conjunction with Marrybrown’s 40th Anniversary will take you on an adventure to experience the long-lost excitement that we often get from our travels.

Expect nothing but YAM-miness from the Tom Yam Chicken coated in a divine combination of spicy and sour flavours. If one orders five pieces à la carte, the Tom Yam Chicken will be served in a bucket starting from RM 12.70. Fans are also invited to try out the juicy Tom Yam Chicken Burger available in the Tom Yam Chicken Burger Combo from RM 14.90, accompanied with french fries and Nestlé Pink Lemonade, made available exclusively in Marrybrown.

For fans who want to have their loved ones be a part of this adventure, Tom Yam Big Box is the way to go as it comes with a piece of Tom Yam Chicken, a Tom Yam Chicken Burger, six pieces of Tom Yam Chicken Nuggets and of course, french fries and thirst quenching Nestlé Pink Lemonade priced from RM 25.80. If you cannot get enough of the spicy and sour flavours, you can also choose to upgrade the original french fries to Tom Yam Fries on any combos from just RM 1.00 or enjoy them on its own from RM 5.00!