Since 1981, Malaysian brand Marrybrown has grown to be one of the world’s largest Halal fast-food chain serving millions of customers in over 500 outlets across 16 countries including Malaysia, Sweden, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, Maldives, Africa and the Middle East. Year after year, the brand continues to achieve worldwide success in delivering great value products and exceptional quality service to customers as well as franchise partners.

Marrybrown’s distinctive values and offerings appeal to a wide demographic of consumers across all ages, gender, race and income who appreciate a good quality meal at a reasonable price point. This global fast-food chain will always be a family-oriented quick- service restaurant which offers hassle-free options where customers can choose to dine-in, take-away or opt for the home delivery service – all available at customers’ comfort zone.

Staying true to our tagline, we are always committed to bringing ‘Something Different’ to the table, wherever we go. We are always striving to do or be something different that will set us apart from the others. We wish to create a memorable dining experience wherever we open our doors – to touch the hearts and connect with those we crossed paths with along the way.

Good Taste
around the world
For 40 years, Marrybrown strives to provide high quality service with flavorsome meals yet elevate the eating-out experience for friends and family alike. Offering a broad selection of distinctive, innovative and great-tasting food at affordable prices, Marrybrown provides a fun dining-out experience served in a cosy environment outlets. Marrybrown’s wide range of Halal menu features the signature crispy juicy chicken, delicious burgers, specialty wraps, excellent seafood, rice delicacies, an assortment of finger food, fun fries and a variety of hot / cold beverages and desserts.