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Marrybrown is one of the largest quick service restaurant companies in Malaysia that is continuing to grow by acquiring new sites in strategically important markets.

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  • The submission of any site for review does not represent a guarantee, promise, covenant or warranty for a compensation claim or agreement for service in any way. By clicking “Accept” below, you acknowledge and agree that you are not a procuring cause and represent, warrant and covenant that you will not make any claim that you are a procuring cause in any transaction for the acquisition or leasing of the parcel of real property submitted herein.
  • Marrybrown has existing broker representation and agency relationships in any market that Marrybrown is actively pursuing acquisitions of real property. By clicking “Accept” below, you acknowledge and agree that you do not have any broker or agency relationship with Marrybrown, its affiliates or franchisees and that no such relationship is created by your submission through this form.
  • The details associated with your submission (which may include business contact information and other related personal data as well as information about the site) will be collected and stored by Marrybrown to assess the suitability of your submission for future sites. By clicking “Accept” below you agree that Marrybrown may contact you in relation to your submission.
  • Marrybrown receives a high volume of site submissions and endeavors to review each such submission. However, Marrybrown does not guarantee that any submission will be reviewed or that you will receive any response regarding your submission.
  • By clicking “Accept” below, you represent and warrant that (i) you are the owner or an authorized representative of the owner of the parcel of real property being submitted, or (ii) you are a non-broker, third party submitting the site on behalf of a governmental or quasi-governmental entity.
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