MB Eatalian
5 August 2021 – 22 September 2021

Mangiamo! Marrybrown takes its fans on the second trip around the world for the latest gastronomical adventure and this time to the beautiful country of Italy!

The new Marrybrown Eatalian is truly Chef’s Kiss! With the MB Spaghetti cooked to perfection, fans can enjoy a hearty meal served with a super-rich and robust chicken bolognese sauce topped with the finest herbs and cheese. Marrybrown’s memang best fans can savour the spaghetti on its own or the MB Spaghetti combo paired with their signature MB crispy chicken and a refreshing cup of Coca-Cola starting from RM13.90.

To ensure fellow Malaysians enjoy the meal to the fullest, Marrybrown also introduced the all-new Italian Cheesy Rice Bites guaranteed to make Malaysians go “MMMMM” with just one bite! Putting a local twist to the luscious risotto, the Italian Cheesy Rice Bites that is cooked till a crispy golden brown on the outside is accompanied with the warm, cheesy feeling on the inside. In addition to this, fans can enjoy the Mushroom Soup that is ideal for those who are looking for a starter to warm up their appetites or for those who want to enjoy a spoonful of smooth and creamy soup on a cosy day in. Fans can choose to add-on any of this to any available menu from RM2.50 or just enjoy them on their own from RM4.00.

For Malaysians who are looking to enjoy the overall Eatalian experience or to share it with their loved ones, the MB Eatalian Box Meal is a definite go-to as it comes with the delicious MB Spaghetti, MB Crispy Chicken, Italian Cheesy Rice Bites, Chicken Burger and a cup of Coca-Cola to quench one’s thirst during this hot weather from RM29.50.

In celebration of its 40th Anniversary, Marrybrown (the largest homegrown Halal fast-food chain) has upped the ante by ensuring that they stay true to their mission when it comes to providing something different. Sparking the adventurous spirit in Malaysians with their latest Around the World themed meal, Marrybrown Eatalian brings a tantalising taste to our locals combined with the feeling that is out of the world yet close to home with every bite.