Marrybrown Oishii Japan Menu
29 June 2022

After bringing their memang best fans around the world through delicious meals from Korea, Italy and Thailand, Marrybrown invited Malaysians to say konichiwa to their latest Oishii meals inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan!

Marrybrown has strived to present their customers with something different” over the years and fans expected nothing less than satisfaction from Marrybrowns Oishii Japan menu, involving the combination of sweet and salty Teriyaki sauce with a zesty kick from the infamous wasabi!

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, Marrybrown officially launched their Japan Oishii Menu at Marrybrown IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. During the launch, Marrybrown also announced a limited-time secret code which allowed fans to redeem a free cup of Sakura Fizz. The event was also celebrated with several special guests who came donned in their Japanese-inspired costumes.

Malaysians got to experience the “kick” in the variety of meals from the Oishii Japan menu. From this new menu, fans enjoyed the Oishii Burger Combo priced from RM15.30 which was accompanied by a side of Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz meant to transport Malaysians to the mesmerising beauty of Japan – giving their customers a chance to imagine themselves in a field of Sakura blossoms or even the vibrant coloured streets of Tokyo when enjoying their meal.

Known for their delicious crispy chicken, this crispy chicken was not a disappointment as fans indulged in 2-pieces Oishii Chicken combo accompanied by their Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz priced from RM 20.50.

Those who wanted to enhance their flavourful experience tried the Oishii Rice Bowl Combo, in which Marrybrowns crispy chicken is drizzled in Teriyaki Wasabi sauce with a side of rice and Sakura Fizz, priced from RM 12.90.

Ensuring that fans got the best of both worlds, Marrybrown had the Marrybrown’s Oishii Box Meal, in which there was an Oishii Burger, 1-piece Oishii Chicken, Potato Wedges and Sakura Fizz, priced from RM 23.90 – fulfilling for those who wanted to try a little bit of everything and for those who were sharing.

Marrybrown is certain that their Oishii Japan menu appealed to all food lovers, as the quality of the ingredients combined with the R&D for the menu is rich in flavours appetising for all taste buds.