MB Riang Ramadan Raya
31 March 2022 – 11 May 2022

The holy month is now upon us and it is time for our Muslim brothers and sisters to embark on their annual spiritual journey. This Ramadan month, Marrybrown introduced Marrybrown Riang Ramadan Raya, a platter of gastronomical local delicacies for Malaysians especially for our Muslim friends to enjoy their buka puasa. Constantly delivering ‘something different’ with the best food and services for their Memang Best fans, this year, Marrybrown Riang Ramadan Raya included food that hits close to home such as their Nasi Rendang Ayam and Crispy Chicken.

Fans indulged in the Nasi Rendang Ayam that is cooked to perfection with hard boiled egg, pappadam chips, sliced cucumbers and accompanied with Coke Zero, priced from RM13.90. For those who wanted more than just rice, Marrybrown’s Nasi Rendang Ayam Box Meal was the ideal choice. Nasi Rendang Ayam Box Meal consisted of 1pc Nasi Rendang Ayam, one chicken burger, cheesy wedges that had premium cheese drizzled over their crispy wedges and Coke Zero which was priced from RM25.80.

Crispy chicken lovers were not forgotten as Marrybrown Riang Ramadan Raya meals also included their 6pc Meriah Bucket MB which they could share with their loved ones. Much like its name, this meriah meal consisted of 6pc of Crispy Chicken, cheesy wedges and a 1.5L of Coke Zero priced from RM35. Those who were looking to have more than just 6pc, Marrybrown also had a 9pc Meriah Bucket MB priced from RM47.90.

As Malaysians whisked through the holy month, Marrybrown is here to keep them going peacefully on their spiritual journey with their Marrybrown Riang Ramadan Raya. Whether it is indulging in their Nasi Rendang Ayam, crispy chicken or both, fans can always turn to Marrybrown to serve them the best of both.