Marrybrown’s Donation Initiative for the Victims of the Flood (2021)
In the midst of Christmas and New Years preparation, Malaysia was struck by the tropical depression on the 16th December 2021, followed by massive floods from across the country. The outcome resulted in destruction of homes, leaving many without shelter, food and necessities. However, it also brought along a heartwarming feeling as we see many Malaysians coming together to lend a helping hand.

To ease the burdens for the victims of the flood, Marrybrown and its franchises such as MB KWC, MB Q Avenue, MB Kipmart Melaka, MB Gua Musang, MB Kuala Krai and MB Teluk Intan and MB Semenyih, had all united together to distribute the MB meals to the victims in the affected areas. We have been proceeding with the flood donations since the day of the event to ensure the safety and comfort of those in need. Apart from that, we had also been working closely with Sunway Group to help distribute the MB Chicken Burgers along with the Family Kits to the flood victims.

We have been striving to ensure that we are putting in our utmost effort to give back to the society with our CSR movements as we believe that our business journey since 1981 would have never prosper without the help from everyone. Thus, it is in our sense of duty as your homegrown fast food chain to help our fellow Malaysians by alleviating the hardships that these people are currently going through in these unprecedented times. We would also like to dedicate our efforts and successes to those who have been continuously supporting us and to our MB heroes who have helped along the way.