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Top 7 Most Significant Tools to Explore AWS Security

AWS has remained innovative, offering the ability to strategically scale its infrastructure and applications across enterprises. In addition to this, it also has exceptional security features with the relevant services. Although AWS takes absolute responsibility for securing its customers’ infrastructure, it is obvious that configuring its services with best practices is user-dependent. Businesses don’t have […]

The Internet of Things: What Hot IT Skills Should You Have to Succeed?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the merger of the digital and physical world. Basically, in IoT, ordinary objects are entrenched with technology such as sensors and Wi‑Fi to get a distinctive online identity and acquire the ability to interact with other everyday objects and their external environment. This endless network of “smart” devices […]

Microsoft Introduced New Azure Certification Path. What Credentials Can You Choose for Your IT Career?

In 2018, Microsoft revealed its intention to make major changes to its existing Azure certification path. The idea was to make the Azure credentials more role-based. The announcement of a new role-based certification path also came with the news of the retirement of certain Microsoft Azure exams by the end of 2018. Since this announcement […]